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Other programming languages

These links are for uses of the Z-machine other than for interactive fiction, particularly implementations of programming languages.

BAZIC    David Given Link  
A minimal BASIC interpreter for the Z-machine. Doesn't have subroutines, procedures or arrays, but does have "state-of-the-art implementations of Hunt the Wumpus and Guess the Number built in to the very interpreter"
vbccz    David Given Link  
A C compiler for Unix-based operating systems that compiles procedures to Inform assembly language.
Silicon Castles (home page)    David Given Link  
A story file written in a hybrid of Inform and C, the C portion being Marcel van Kervinck's chess program MSCP.
Lists and Lists    Andrew Plotkin Link  
An interpreter for the LISP-like language Scheme, as a Z-machine story file.
ZOS Operating System    Geoff Crossland Link  
ZOS is a pretty basic operating system for the Z-machine, comprising the kernel, a few drivers, a command line interface and a few tools, including a simple bitmap editor.

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