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This site primarily exists to provide access to Inform-related resources all across the Web, and in file archives. So most of the areas are mainly made up of pages of links. Such links have a standard format right across the site, as the examples below demonstrate.

BBC News Website    Peter Sissons and Charlotte Green Link  
This is a typical link to a web site outside the Inform home pages, in this case to the BBC's news coverage. The names are those of the people who run the site in question. The sideways arrow is supposed to convey 'moving out'. Clicking on either the left or the right link does the same thing.
 Quetzal  (Version 1 / March 2002)   Download (320KB) 
This is a typical download link. The link points to something you probably want to download, rather than try to display in your browser. The downwards arrow is supposed to mean 'pulling down'. Mostly downloads are of pieces of software which have version numbers or dates, as in this example. Sizes of downloads are only given when they exceed 300 KB, so this file just qualifies. (It's a photograph of the Quetzal bar, not far from the Marais in Paris.) Again, clicking on either the left or the right link does the same thing. Finally, the little French flag icon shows that the software in question is French language rather than English: there are similar flags for other European languages.
Zip 2000 (home page)  (Version 1.41 / 011121)  Kevin Bracey Download (643KB) 
This is a (genuine!) example of a hybrid sort of link: it's a piece of software which you can not only download, but which also has an associated home page on the Web. The left link, which says '(home page)', is a Web link, whereas the right hand side is a download link. When you see a six-digit code in the version number area, as here, it's usually a date in the format YYMMDD, so in this case 21 November 2001.

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